Co-op AutoPay provides Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative members an easy monthly bill payment plan. Members have the opportunity to have their monthly electric bill payment deducted from their checking/savings or credit card. 

The member will still receive a monthly bill stating the amount being deducted from the specified account. Payments are deducted on the 24th of the month or the next business day, if the 24th falls on a weekend or holiday. If your automatic payment is through a checking/savings account and you wish to discontinue auto pay for any reason, please contact the office before the 20th of the month. Due to banking regulations, the payment file is sent to the bank at least 4 days prior to account withdrawal. 

Co-op AutoPay is a quick, easy means of payment. To sign up for the AutoPay log into the SmartHub website or mobile app and select the "Billing and Payment" tab. Once in the "Billing and Payment" tab select "AutoPayAccounts" and then choose the "Sign up for AutoPay" link for the account or accounts you would like to set up for AutoPay. Click here to learn more about SmartHub.

When you sign up for AutoPay, you will have to agree to the following statement: 

NOTICE: The amount currently due on your account should be paid in your usual manner. It will NOT be automatically drafted until your next billing cycle.

I authorize Lorain-Medina Rural Electric and the bank or credit card information provided to initiate entries to my checking, savings or credit card on the 24th of each month or the next business day. 

This authority will remain in effect until I notify Lorain-Medina Rural Electric in writing to cancel in such a time and in such a manner as to afford Lorain-Medina Rural Electric a reasonable opportunity to act on it. 

Once you have signed up for recurring payments, your bill statement will contain the following message: Your automatic bill payment will be withdrawn on (date).